Our Sparkling Family



Our classic, original,  favourite, best shared in abundance at long lunches, picnics and BBQ’s catching up with the best of friends.

Dry, crisp, elegant.

Pairs perfectly with anything creamy or salty: perfection with an extensive grazing board or cheese platter.


Garden parties, outdoor events and floral moments are the perfect occasions to share our aperitif style Rose.

Bright, fresh, vibrant.

Pairs perfectly with fresh Asian, goats cheese, best served in a large goblet style glass garnished with a native edible flower.



Our most special Chandon taking 4 years to make each bottle. Crafted for elevated, romantic moments shared with your nearest and dearest.

Fine bubbles, creamy texture.

Pairs perfectly lavish desserts, oysters, crystal cut glassware + floral arrangements.

Blanc de Blancs

Simple and refined, made with only the chic Chardonnay grape.

Creamy, soft, plush.

Pairs perfectly with a menu full of fresh, local, native, natural, quality Australian produce.

Chandon S

Chandon S with Orange Bitters

Our chilled one, drink by the waters edge, at SUNSET.

Refreshingly served over ice, garnished with a twist of orange peel. Hand crafted with 100% natural, native, Australian orange bitters.

Pairs perfectly with ice, sunshine and friends.